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Competitive advantages

  • Efficiency

    Efficiency in performance of the pump is mainly due to the direct drive of the reciprocating action from the motor shaft. The rack acts as the guide with the wheel directly connected to the motor shaft head that turns and that circular motion is directly translated into a linear reciprocating action by driving the rack back and forth. This will increase the efficiency of the system to several folds more than competing and mainstream technologies in the market. The main technologies used are driven by a eccentric camming wheel which is offset by a follower bearing that guides the guide block and results in the reciprocating motion driving the plunger back and forth. These offsets and multi-guide components result in major inefficiencies in the system. The main three competitors of Predominant utilize a variation of the same technology.

  • Power consumption

    Power consumption is a main driver in this market, especially for DC, solar powered systems. The main complaint of clients are batteries that are quickly depleting and rendering the system inoperable, hence ceasing to inject chemicals into the process which will result in permanent and accumulative damage to the client’s assets. Solar panels, while price per watt is on the decline, size does matter. Through the inefficiencies acquired from direct drive and the novel concept, power consumption requirements are significantly lower than the competitive DC solar powered systems. This lower power requirements leads to smaller motors, smaller battery requirements for autonomy and inadvertently to smaller solar panel size. This will reduce the maintenance, footprint for the installation and base size for the supporting stand to withstand wind and environmental conditions.

  • Manufacturing simplicity

    Manufacturing simplicity is a main driver for the Company. By being more simplistic and fewer parts, the manufacturing cost is reduced dramatically leading to shorter lead times and simple assembly procedures. To the client, the less parts and components the less the maintenance is. Having fewer parts means less parts susceptible to failure and less parts in inventory for maintenance for the distributor and the client to troubleshoot and maintain. In addition to these tangible factors, the manufacturing simplicity can ensure that there would be no competitive advantage to ship manufacturing outside the US ensuring Predominant pump will always be an all US made product.

Product lines

Predominant’s primary product lines are the chemical injection pumps and accessories that comprise the full unit. All products are manufactured and follow an ISO compliant production manual with the facility and company in the process of a third-party audit to complete the certification process. The product line main applications are numerous and while the company commercial focus will be primarily in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of this industry, the other industrial applications are significant as well and will constitute the next frontier for growth for the company. To name some of the few applications for the product line across the on shore off shore market, natural gas production, petroleum production, foamers, corrosion inhibitors, bactericide, biocides, chemical processing, petroleum refining, water treatment and may other general industrial applications. Predominant Pumps produces the following main lines:

Rod Pumps



Gas Lift

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